A House Is Not A Home Without A Beagle…is here!


[ See The Most Adorable Beagle Photo’s “You’ve Ever Seen In Your Life” (click image below)

Click-here-arrow Cute-puppy1   Our beautiful Beagle plaque is now proudly hanging on our front door. We ordered the plaque here if you’re interested beagle plack2 Our First pleasant surprise was it came with FREE Shipping! We ordered the plaque on Wednesday the 15th, the estimated arrival date was Tuesday the 21st. To our wonderful surprise it actually arrived Saturday 18th! We have gotten so many private messages about the plaque and where can they get it and many including ourselves ordered the first day it was posted. Hundreds of people (and more come in daily liked the post and shared it.



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A House Is Not A Home Without A Beagle…is here!


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