Killer Beagle On The Loose


Innocent Beagle Baby Who Had Mental Issues Needs Special Help Video

This Beagle named “Gizmo” is one of the most furious and unpredictable Beagles we’ve ever seen, but there are exceptions, when the poor dog has mental disease and it’s not their fault!

Apparently these folks are serious Beagle lovers …which is super awesome! Obviously they’re passionate and need help with their baby and even in any language ( BTW the firstĀ  video is in Spanish but the 2nd when clicking next below is in ENGLISH) however even is Spanish you still can see how Gizmo goes from a killer to a lover, especially after the training of renowned dog trainer Cesar Milan. Take a look at this feisty guy, he gets so aggressive that the owners have to wear oven mitts when approaching him. YIKES!

caesar milan beagle vid

Innocent Beagle Baby Who Had Mental Issues Needs Special Help


Click Below to watch part 2 (IN ENGLISH) of this video

This Poor Baby Was So Unpredictable The Owners Didn’t Know What To Do! ( this video is in English)


Speaking of ADORABLE …How About A Beagle Who Loves To Watch The Dog Whisperer šŸ™‚ Also an INTENSE INTERVIEW with Cesar Milan himself and the REAL Tragic Story of “The Dog Whisperer”Ā Ā  Too see these videos ClickĀ  Below

This Beagle Pups Favorite T.V Show Is The Dog Whisperer

Watch how intently this Beagle is while watching the show…it appears he really LOVES it. ThenĀ  below this video see a live interview with Cesar Milan on how his life went from living on the streets penny-less then getting a job becoming a dog walker to super star T.V celebrity to nervous breakdown and attempting suicide…it’s truly a moving interview.

Beagles Love Cesar (Video)

The True Story Of “The Dog Whisperer” As Told By Cesar Milan Himself

To say that Cesar Milan has triumphed over tragedy is an understatement…in fact he’s conquered more than his share of advertises and has built himself to be better from them. It’s surprising to know that even with his success as a T.V celebrity…he had the fame but not the fortune. As you’ll see in the video interview he basically didn’t even own the rights to his own name and that is just a small part of the problems he faced in his life.

Watch and see how Cesar learned to turn tragedy into triumph

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