Vet Near The End Until This Beagle Saved Him


A TRUE REAL FACT! 22 Veterans Suffering From PTSD Commit Suicide Everyday This Is The Story Of How A Beagle Saved One Of Them!

This video is truly moving and inspiring and we strongly urge everyone to watch and share this triumphant story. It displays the power of LOVE and companionship our animals (In this story’s case a Beagle named Winston) can help people such as our veterans who feel they can’t go on any longer. When this veteran gets to a point where he walks into a VA Hospital with a loaded gun and says if he doesn’t get some help now, he’s going to kill himself…who would have thought that a Beagle would not only change his thoughts but his entire life.

Watch this beautiful and touching story video and see the power of what our Beagles can do!

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beagle ptsd2

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