Great Info You May Not Be Aware Of Our Beagles Video


Beagle Details You Probably Didn’t Know First UN-official fact, Beagles Are The Best Breed EVER

We’re sure you already knew that one…but we felt the need to reiterate LOL O.K. this video is pretty short, “RUFF-ly” a little over 2 minutes, but it’s pure Beagle facts, not to mention some pretty adorable pups in the footage.

Among the many interesting facts about Beagles in the video is they have the largest of smell receptors than any other dog breed, about 225 million! The Dachshund breed has 125 million and to put things in perspective… humans have about 5 million. Watch the video and learn some interesting facts about our beloved Beagles~Enjoy


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Important Beagle Information Some Folks May Not Be Aware Of Video


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