Funny Adorable Beagles Video


Funny Little Baby’s Video

Everyone who’s ever owned/LOVED a Beagle knows how hilarious these little guys and gals can be. They bring joy and laughter to us every day. The video below will certainly bring you laughs and a warm feeling, watching Beagles being Beagles 🙂

If you’ve never owned a Beagle and are thinking of getting one, then think no further. The Beagle is the best breed for a family dog in more ways than one.

Pros: Lovable, adoring, attention hounds (literally), smart, part of the family loves children, low maintenance on grooming, genetically immune to diseases.

Cons: Hmmm that’s a bit difficult to answer, the only con if you will is they don’t like water too much and if its raining you might have to force them outside to go potty LOL. Their ears have a tendency to get itchy and dirty, so always have ear cleaner on hand.

beagle xmas 2

Funny Little Baby’s Video




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