Dogs Abandoned Then Rescued A Ride The Love Train


Man SAVES Dogs Left For Dead By Their Owners Video

Talk about a beautiful man (Eugene Bostick) and what he has done to help these poor dogs that were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. By the grace of God these dogs not only have a new home and loving family, but because of Eugene’s ingenious idea these pups travel the town in style.

When Eugene saw that for some reason people abandoned their un- wanted dogs at the end of his street he, his wife and brother, decided to take the strays in and care for them.

They took these beautiful babies in their home, fed them and even took care of their veterinarian needs. Eugene has a huge farm in Fort Worth, Texas and the pups were now able freely roam and play…but Eugene wanted to go one step further to give these beauties an extra special adventure.

See the full news story and additional video footage of this beautiful story below

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