Amazing Beagle Story Of Triumph


The Story Of Fran With Life Threatening Tumor Half Her Size

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fran beagle tumor

This is one of those stories we all hope ends well, it started with an auto repair shop finding Fran a stray in their parking lot. The poor thing as you see in the picture had a tumor on her stomach that was so big it dragged on the floor. Franny (as she was nicknamed) could barely walk and looked as though she hasn’t eaten in weeks. The owner of the repair shop immediately contacted the local animal clinic and they took her under their care.

The head vet said he has never seen a tumor that size before and was astonished that she has survived. The first step was to determine if the tumor was cancerous or not…depending on the result would determine whether surgery would be feasible or not. When the test results got back everyone in the animal clinic was thrilled to hear that the tumor was benign 🙂 Of course this was only half the battle…but at least they knew Franny had a chance at a new life.

It was determined that Fran was approx 9-10 years old and there were no identification or a way of verifying any of her prior history. Now having a good idea on her age and that the tumor is operable for surgery the next step was to perform this critical operation because Fran wasn’t out of the woods just yet. At this point everyone in the clinic had fallen in love with her and we’re all pulling for a successful surgery. The funds required for such a serious operation was never in question and the animal hospital  generously donated to save Fran.

After long hours of surgery, the operation was a success and the tumor was completely removed without causing any injury to  Fran. However how she recovered was something that wouldn’t be known until further evaluation after recovery time.

Now along with the continued story we have new video footage of the beautiful franny so you can see how wonderful she is doing now~BLESS HER


This Is how Fran looked with this Humongous Tumor On Her Stomach But Watch The Video And The Rest Of Her Miraculous Story On The NEXT PAGE!


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