Thank God These Beagles Can Now Live Free


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38 Beagles who spent their entire lives in cages as laboratory test animals have been freed and now all have homes across the country. Watch the touching video below and see how these beautiful babies never even had a name up until a few weeks ago. They never felt grass on their paws. They never got to play and run…EVER!

Most importantly they were never loved!

Until now…Happily we can announce that all the Beagles have been given to loving families all over the country. This is indeed a beautiful story, but what’s disturbing is that this type of testing is allowed and that these babies have to live their lives this way. It is absolutely absurd that this is going on in today’s society and MUST BE STOPPED!

We believe that there are current lobbyist and legislation pending on this subject and it’s important to share and spread the word that this can not be tolerated any longer. These Beagles need to be Beagles, it breaks our hearts wondering if there are other babies right now sitting in a cage being prodded and poked and not even being able to go outside to run, play, be held and loved.

On a happy note these 38 now have a new life and  freedom for them!

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