So Cute Baby Pocket Beagles


Super Cutie Mini Beagle Babies Video

Anytime we watch puppies playing it always brings so much joy and happiness. don’t you agree? They are so tiny and innocent and basically only want to play, EAT and sleep, but mostly play. We could sit and watch Beagle puppies playing all day…and we often do LOL. This little bunch are known as pocket Beagles.

****FYI**** There has been much controversy over cross breeding Beagles to make them stay so tiny. We could argue we just want them to stay puppies forever! However this cross breeding goes way back in history and was originally started by the early Queen of England that wanted to fit her Beagle in her pocketbook, thus starting the pocket Beagle breed.

This short little video, is only slightly over a minute, but it’s enough to get your day off with a warm fuzzy feeling 🙂

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