Poor Baby Spending entire life in a lab cage Video


Now The Beautiful Beagle Named Freedom IS FREE! Video

This gorgeous baby has spent his entire life (4 years) in a single cage as lab test animal in a northern NJ laboratory. He never seen sun light in his life, never was let out of his cage and never got to smell all the scents that our Beagles were born to do!¬† The lab was shut down and instead of releasing these beautiful animals, they continued there inhuman ways and simply locked the¬†facility doors and left the animals in their cages without food or water. Can you imagine this? The thought that this goes on today makes us sick to our stomachs. Thankfully some caring people that were caretakers for the lab broke into the facility and rescued all 120 Beagles and 55 Monkey’s a total of 180 animals which included Freedom and all the other animals.

So in this video we have Freedom and the blessed rescue folks telling the story God bless them all

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a beag baby freedom rescue

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