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Beagles Are Beyond A Cute Face And Floppy Ears Video

In this video you’ll discover not only some of the most adorable Beagle puppies and adults, but some amazing information as well. Quite honestly the Beagle is about as perfect a dog can get, there is very little negatives to our loving breed. That is unless of course you don’t want a faithful companion that only wants to make you happy and in return only asks for love and affection 🙂

There are so many variety of Beagles, ranging from type to breed and colors galore. Our Isabella is a tri-color black, red (or a golden orange) and white. She mostly has white, especially her entire belly, which is pure white and when she lays on her back for her belly rub, she looks like a baby polar bear 🙂 

Enjoy this fabulous collection of beauties and some great info too!

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beagle puppy micropup

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