Black Bear In Back Yard


Huge Hungry Black Bear Almost Got Our Baby Video

So Saturday morning was like any normal day, the usual procedure is the first thing our Isabella does when she wakes up, is we let her out onto the deck and she goes down the stairs to our fenced in yard to do her business. However as we opened the door to let her out this morning from the corner of our eyes we saw a black shape and stopped her from going out. Thank God we did, because that black shape was none other than a beautiful big black bear that had jumped over the fence into our yard.

As soon as the bear saw us, he immediately got startled and very gracefully sundered towards the fence put his paw on top of the fence and as if in slow motion, jumped back over the fence and into the woods. We love bears and think they are beautiful creatures, but we love our baby more and could only imagine what might have happened if we just let her out without looking first. So be careful when taking your babies out. Even at night before Isabella does her nightly business, we scour the yard with a flashlight first before letting her out.

****Unfortunately we didn’t get to capture this on live video, but here’s a very similar video to give you an idea of what can happen if not thoroughly checking first.****

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bear and beagle

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